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Easy way to ask for money

Request money from family and friends

Send and request money from your family, friends and acquaintances.

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Request money from anyone

  • Safety


    Stay protected 24/7. No need to send your payment information when you request for money.
  • No cost

    No cost

    We don't charge any fees to help you collect your money so you can keep your head above waters.
  • Share payment link

    Share payment link

    Easily share your payment link with friends and family directly on the app.
  • Track payment

    Track payment

    We keep you in the loop directly on the app and you can cancel a payment request anytime. Cha-ching.

See how fast
you can request money

Select request money

1. Select request money

Click on the request money service in the app to create a request money or payment link.
Fill in the recipient details

2. Fill in the recipient details

Fill in the necessary recipient detail to request money from. Access your contact list directly on the app.
Enter request amount

3. Enter request amount

Input an amount to request from your friend and select a currency to allow them pay you in their local currency.
Confirm details

4. Confirm details

Confirm your request money details to be sure you have everything covered one last time. Share payment link with your recipient once done.
Now Available in Ghana & Kenya

Got questions?

Some of most frequently asked questions.

Is LemFi a bank?

LemFi is a financial technology company and is not a bank. RightCard Payment Services Limited is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. In Canada, LemFi is registered and regularised by the Financial Transactions and Report Analysis Centre of Canada. In the United States, the remittance and bank services program is sponsored by Community Federal Savings Bank.

Where is LemFi available?

How does LemFi work?