Abroad like never before

Spend and easy withdraw

A global account but even better with a card that works. No monthly fees or maintenance fees.

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Spend and withdraw
Abroad like never before
  • Instant notifications

    Instant notifications

    Instant alerts when you spend with your debit card.
  • No card creation fees

    No card creation fees

    When you choose a LemFi card, there are no charges associated with creating your first card.
  • Google & Apple pay

    Google & Apple pay

    Convenience of Google Pay and Apple Pay when you shop, free of additional charges!
  • Stylish cards

    Stylish cards

    Sleek and minimalist cards to suit your individual style.

See how easy it is to request for
physical and virtual card

Create preferred card

1. Create preferred card

Create virtual card now and request for a physical card later.
Copy card details

2. Copy card details

Start using your card how you want, shop anywhere and withdraw cash at an ATM.
Add to wallet

3. Add to wallet

Add your card to preferred wallet like Apple and Google pay for fast checkout
Start spending

4. Start spending

Coming soon! Get cash back when you use your LemFi card when you shop.

Coming soon to the UK, US and Canada!

United Kingdom
United States
Benefit of using a LemFi card

Add your card to Google and Apple pay

Connect to Google or Apple pay and shop with your LemFi card. It works and syncs with your physical card.

Zero fees when you spend with your card

Enjoy the convenience and security of your card without any additional costs eating into your budget. Note that when you use an ATM, you may be charged a fee by the ATM operator

Start spending with our beautifully designed card!

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Got questions?

Some of most frequently asked questions.

How do I get a virtual card?

You can easily request a virtual card through the LemFi mobile app from the cards menu.

How do I use my virtual card?

Can I use my virtual card for in-person purchases?

What should I do if I suspect fraudulent activity on my virtual card?

earn cashback
Coming soon

Earn cash back when you spend with your card

Available on iOS and Android.