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It's my go to option for international transfers. The rates are great and my transfers goes directly to recipient account! Instant and reliable


The service you're rendering is fantastic and really tailor made to specific needs. Very convenient to use with perfect assurance of great and timely delivery.


Great company. Money gets to receiver on time. They are very unique, processing was very unique and fast, and never pay a fee to send money. I am loving it. Thanks to LIMFI, my parents can now get money any time.

Dr Judymoses,

My transfers with LemFi has been a smooth one. The customer support services are prompt and for me I think that's one of the best services when you can resolve clients' complaints in a short period of time.


Exceptionally great app. It is very efficient and reliable. The App is extremely fast in transacting between accounts. I will definitely recommend the app many times over.


I have the best experience with using Lemfi now. I had introduced many people to this app. They attend to my concerns immediately. I have not had any regrets, since using it to send money. I really appreciate the security and efficiency provided.

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Got questions?

Some of most frequently asked questions.

Is LemFi a bank?

LemFi is a financial technology company and is not a bank. RightCard Payment Services Limited is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. In Canada, LemFi is registered and regularised by the Financial Transactions and Report Analysis Centre of Canada. In the United States, the remittance and bank services program is sponsored by Community Federal Savings Bank.

Where is LemFi available?

How does LemFi work?